Mweep! Mweep!
Mweep! Mweep!

What can I say other than “I love Chuck Jones”?

That and I’ve seen Chuck Jones effortlessly draw with blazing speed and mind boggling accuracy; needless to say, after that I felt quite pathetic recreating these classic images. Chuck could draw it in thirty seconds; I’m not telling you how long it took me.

But I’m getting off on a tangent. Anyway, I wanted to do something different—I wanted a break from some of the more realistic renders I had been doing (at least trying to do). So I turned to cartoons! Animations! Line-heavy drawings! Something I suck at!

I actually drew this from a tiny little screenshot off one of the Looney Tunes DVD boxsets. I didn’t spend very much time on the image at all, and I unfortunately went back to mechanical pencil on printer paper because ... because ... I really don’t have a good excuse. But here’s my lame reason: I didn’t think I could do both the Coyote and the Roadrunner justice on the first try (with no warm ups or drawing exercises either).

My lines clearly don’t have the grace or effortlessness of the Chuck Jones’ animations, but hey, big surprise right? I’ve said it countless times that my biggest weakness is drawing lines. If anything, I should do this style of drawing more often.